80 hour work week!
Buy your own benefits!
Be your own Accountant!
Pay for your own office supplies, A/C and IT!
Work through the holidays!
Vacation at your own financial peril!
Have lunch with your cat!
All these luxuries and more can be yours if you leave the doldrums of your air conditioned office and join the contingent workforce! Yes, you too can be undocumented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
There is an overwhelmingly positive outlook on freelance work and ‘escaping the 9 to 5’ that is largely bullshit. It’s the most capitalist concept I can think of. Spend your free time working . Absolve large companies of their responsibility to do right by their employees under the all-American guise of freedom.
On the bright side, not having a dickweed boss rules.  We can finally be our own dickweed bosses.
Ah, the illusion of choice.